Faridatul Khasanah: Students Distributed To Have A Job By The Campus Itself

Assalamualaikum warrohmatullahi wabarokatuh. My name Faridatul Khasanah. I am now studying at the NSC, the Polytechnic NSC  precisely at Surabaya. Now I am in the 4th semester accounting program. The reason why I chose the NSC, because apart from the quality and the information that I heard before, I also had to prove during my study at the NSC, the NSC itself not lose competitiveness of others higher education. And here also we can run two activities in addition to study, first we can also work, and here also prepared a program to the labor market, so students could also distributed by the campus itself. For atmosphere, the atmosphere in the NSC precisely learning atmosphere between the lecturers and students of interactive mutual also not boring. For service, security, and everything we feel comfortable.




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