Research and Community Service


Being Centre for Research and Community Service that is independent, innovative and excellent in research and community service at national level.


  1. Improving the quality and capabilities of lecturers, students and administrative staff in research activities and community services that uphold ethical and moral values ​​in order to achieve academic excellence.
  2. Improving the quantity and quality of research and community service which are relevant to the quality assurance program of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya, research roadmap.
  3. Coordinating and documenting all forms of research and community service performed by academicians of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya, both internal and external
  4. Collaborating with governments and the private sector in research activities and community service.
  5. Developing research programs in the field of study programs that are sustainable and can be applied and utilized in order to improve the quality of education and community prosperity.
  6. Developing community empowerment programs based on the results of research and the relevance to the needs of the community.
  7. Improving the relevance of applied and innovative science and technology that is capable of building the entrepreneurial spirit of the community.

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