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"The need for employees in our company can happen at any time, but we are not confused for fulfillment because Polytechnic NSC Surabaya is always able to meet our needs for human resources according to the criteria that we need. Therefore, we always give the opportunity to students of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya in terms of recruitment and internship according to the needs of the company. Partnering with the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya is not disappointed, and the schedule of internship can be done at any time according to the needs of the company."

Kristanto.W - Ford Jawa Timur

"Our impression in partnering with Polytechnic NSC Surabaya is very helpful especially in the needs of employees who are professional and ready to use. Human Resources that are available at the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya are already provided with basic education, training and practice in accordance with the needs of the business and industrial world generally. Therefore, we will continue to foster cooperation and partnership. Thanks to Polytechnic NSC Surabaya."

Haryono DS- HRD Manager - PT. MultiClean JayaLestari

"The cooperation is well established between the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya and Tilamas Juanda Hotel, both in terms of internship and recruitment. We have signed MOU. One of the Cooks is alumni of the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya who is expert in managing the dishes and up to date with new menus. Hopefully this relationship can be successful forever"

Early - HRD Manager - Hotel Tilamas

"When we need employees, the first time that we remember is the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya because Polytechnic NSC Surabaya is able to produce professional human resources that are ready and able to compete with other educational institutions. We do not need a lot of time to train Polytechnic NSC Surabaya alumni who have worked in our company for conforming and following the rhythm of work. With the skills, knowledge and attitude that have been gained, we believe the alumni of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya is able to become champion in the competitive business world. We congratulate the graduates of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya. "Learning never stops until we meet the death""

M. Anshori - Kepala SDM Mega Daya Motors

"We, Duta Ban Audio, are pleased in cooperating with Polytechnic NSC Surabaya, and we are also grateful with on the job training program NSC students in our company, the students can help company work especially in accounting and finance. Our advice for the management is that Polytechnic NSC Surabaya should improve the quality of graduates in order to create professional human resources."

Joko Wahyudiono - Office Manager Duta Ban Audio

"After a year of working together with Rosyi (D3 Computer Engineering), Rosyiís performance is quite satisfactory, with a little guidance Rosyi quickly adapt and learn the task and the environment of PT Dempo Laser Metalindo. Hopefully NSC can produce skilled and talented workers."

Santi Dwisari - IT Leader, PT Dempo Laser Meta

"Bisanta Bidakara Hotel Surabaya accepts internship students from other educational institutions like SMK and university level in Surabaya and other cities in East Java until Jakarta. Internship students at Hotel Bisanta Bidakara get some facilities and guidance in order to develop themselves and their knowledge. Internship students who have best job performance will be recruited as employees, including from Polytechnic NSC Surabaya. There are some of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya graduates who are currently working in Bisanta Bidakara Hotel Surabaya, and they show good performance and high loyalty."

Totok Teguh Oetomo - GA Manager Hotel Bisanta Bidak

"I agree if Polytechnic NSC Surabaya is called one of the qualified Polytechnics in Surabaya because NSC students have shown their potential in the business world. Some students who work in our company have the competencies that are needed in the company, and they are expertise in their respective fields because students who graduated from the NSC have already been provided with the ability required by the company. Polytechnic NSC Surabaya students are able to give good contribution for the company. Always Success for NSC"

Amin Arifudin - Koordinator HRD & GA PT PRIMA

"Since March 2005 until now I have a bit of experience in interacting with students of NSC Surabaya. Some students have already done internship at Auto 2000 A. Yani street in Surabaya, and we have already selected. Their positions are in several parts such as administration of purchasing new vehicles, the administrative service, booking service and customer service. They are very enthusiasm for asking, attractive appearance and very communicative in finishing internship. We are grateful to the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya for quick response when we open the opportunity of internship for students."

Inayatul Cholifah (iin) - PT Astra Internasional Tbk, TS

"Our company is engaged in the sale of office supplies, as the sale distributor of products by leading brands (Acer, Trodat, HP, etc.), and has a nationwide retail network. Our company requires many human resources. The program of studying while working helps us in meeting the needs of our human resources. Additionally studying while working employees usually have higher motivation than employees who just graduated from high school / vocational school, and they usually have an open-minded and have a higher motivation to learn. Besides that, the advantage in collaboration with the NSC is that a prospective employee is equipped with personality development, it makes easier for our company in the process of training and the building motivation in the work. We hope that the program owned by NSC "working while studying"could be developed more widely so that it can help children who have the motivation to go to college but they do not have money.The program is also greatly helpful for companies in finding employees who are resilient and open-minded, so that the companies have qualified employees, and employees can develop their career."

Rosa Ety Kartikawati - PT. Gading Murni

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