Cultural Survival, Games Developed By Computer Engineering Student 2016

Gemastik is National Exhibition Information and Communication Technology.  Its a exhibition  for bachelor and diploma IT students from all university in Indonesia. In this exhibition IT students can show ability of the works at national event

Gemastik created for indonesian students can actively and creatively create good products and ideas about  IT to contribute in Indonesia development.

In 2016 Gemastik 9 held in the University  Indonesia. There is a ten categories competed in the event, namely: Programming, Software Development, Data Mining, Network Security & Information Systems, Animation, Smart Devices & Embedded System, User Experience Design, ICT Business Development, Application Development and e- Games Government.

And in this years student of Computer Engineering Politechnic  NSC Surabaya participated in event in the category Games Application Development, entitled "Cultural Survive". And based on the announcement submitted formally by the committee uploaded in official website Gemastik 9 ( on August 2, 2016 stated that students of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya qualify to the 2nd round.

Civitas Academic Politechnic NSC Surabaya hope the creation work  of students program study Computer Engineering  of Politechnic NSC Surabaya can pass to Final at 22 - 24 Sept,2016.  We hope that their  creation work can give contribution  in the development games application in national level, but also at the international level.

Greeting the spirit from Polytechnic  NSC Surabaya "NSC Yes we can !!!"




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