There is a common question that is frequently asked by job seekers, which is "Why English Essential By A secretary? ". Because competition in the search for higher work, every job seekers began trying to equip themselves with extensive knowledge. Not only that, the ability to speak English was a requirement as one of the keys to success in a career. No exception for a secretary.

The Secretary is a person who helps leaders? Os in running a job. A secretary is also the intercessor for those who want to be associated with the leader or vice versa. In addition, the secretary also every day to communicate with guests consists of various levels, groups and various individuals who each of them must have a background, social status, interests, and the position is different. Therefore, the secretary is required to be able to quickly adapt and understand the parties in connection therewith.

For that a secretary must be able to communicate well and to master Indonesian and several foreign languages such as English well, so that it can communicate with guests of the executive level and is able to assist the leadership in negotiating. He also demanded to select words and make sentences are nice and clear, the delight of all parties communicate with

One of the programs carried out by the study program of Administrative Commerce is to equip students with English skills, where in the curriculum there are three subjects that support the learning achievement in mastering the English language, namely;

Introduction to English that must be taken in the first semester

2. English for Secretary that must be taken in the second semester

3. English Conversation & Preperation for Toefl should ditemmpuh in semester V

The ability to communicate and interact with leaders, outsiders and also business associates is a very important role for a secretary, she also must have extensive knowledge to be able to compete in the business world. Because of the range or the company's cooperation not only at national level but also at the international level, especially over a large company.

It is therefore important for the secretary of the English language, but we also must not forget the language that we have. English is the capital to compete for a better job and is an international language connecting all languages, as it also with the English language we can:

1. Improve career.

2. Obtain a higher position than peers who do not.

3. Make it easier to communicate with anyone anywhere is also located.

4. Make we can confidently and never be afraid to do anything too

The notion of the term 'English' is very important in the works for almost every day we will surely see the words in the English language indirectly.

Most companies also sometimes use English to correspond well with the relationship as well as with internal parties.

English in the business world it is used for business, correspondence and meetings with Caucasians Caucasians who are not willing to learn and can not speak Indonesian.

English is very important for a secretary, because the secretary will understand the English language will be easy to establish relationships of any party. In other words, the secretary easy to communicate with anyone. Besides, it is also the English language in the work almost every day we will surely see the words in the English language indirectly.

As for the video, students are taught how to master the English language especially English for secretaries, students conduct a role play or exchanging roles in learning activities, while the position of the simulated oelh student is a student became General Manager, General Affairs and Human Resource Manager, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager and became Secretary




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