World tourism these days tend to get more attention. Government set tourism as one of the five leading sectors and provide budgets increased quite significantly. Correspondingly, as evidenced in recent years, the tourism industry has always ranks 4th or 5th a foreign exchange earner for the country.

Development of tourism products is a continuous effort to improve the quality and services of the various elements of the tourism product; lodging services, tourist transport services, entertainment services, food, tour services and so forth. Such development can be various combinations of efforts such as education and training, regulation / government direction, giving a stimulus, or the creation of a healthy competitive climate conditions that encourage the improvement of product quality and service. So we can conclude one of the advocates of world tourism growth is the hospitality industry.

Hotel is an industry or business services that are managed commercially. Product services provided by the hotel generally consists of two forms of real products (tangible product) which includes hotel facilities such as bedrooms, restaurant, bar, swimming poll, coffee shop, dry cleaning / laundry and so forth. The products are not real (intangible product) which includes services such as food and beverage service, room cleaning service, front office services and so forth. Tangible product more emphasis on the provision of facilities and supporting infrastructure (physical facilities of the hotel), being an intangible product is more emphasis on the implementation of services performed by officers or employees of the hotel to guests.

One of the services provided by the hotel is the food and beverage service, or in the world of hospitality is often called food & beverage service. Material food & beverage service is compulsory subject matter that should be taken by students Prodi hospitality Polytechnic NSC. In a workshop organized by students / i Prodi hospitality on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at the Polytechnic Campus NSC Surabaya, get an evaluation and input from Mr. Didik Sakti as the General Manager of the hotel 88 Surabaya, about practical food & beverage service, among others:

  1. There should be a seasoning, chit-chat (chat) to the customer
  2. There should be "checking this satisfaction," that customer satisfaction is the most important thing. So shall ask the waiter or waitress
  3. Toothpicks must be given after the maincourse. Given the eating culture of Indonesian society that is using a toothpick, after maincourse.

According to him "we have to continue to improve itself, considering the hotel industry is a dynamic industry" he added

Please note that the workshop is a series of practical courses in which students are given the task to run and organize a mini hotel by utilizing all of the laboratory in the department of hospitality Politeknik NSC Surabaya. It is hoped that through these activities, students can have a competence in accordance with desired by the hotel. In the presence of personnel who have a good competence in the field of hospitality will provide or bring benefits to the hotel which will thus be able to provide satisfactory service to consumers themselves.




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