One of the methods that are very effectively used in learning, and training and human resources development is a method of role playing. Method of role playing is a training method that is a combination of case studies and program development attitude. The participants were faced with a situation and asked to play a role, and react to the tactics, the case and the role that is run by the other participants. The success of this method depends on the ability of participants to play a role as possible. This method is often used by the industry to make the process of training for human resource development in the work environment.

Has been accomplished with excellent role-playing activities are summarized in the course of the workshop, on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 at Politechnic NSC Surabaya. The series of activities are student Praise is required to do all the activities of service "mini hotel". In practice, the students use the lab pastry and F & B product for food and beverage service; FO laboratory for reservation services, check in and check out and all activity FO; FB laboratory service for food preparation services; laboratory Room (room) for house keeping services and all activities. Being in the learning outcomes of this course is the students can understand the concepts and theories of science hospitality (management and operations) and be able to demonstrate to manage a hotel with creative and innovative in accordance with the standard five-star hotel.

Final words "We said thanks for invited guests who attended and provided input and evaluation for students Prodi hospitality, Mr Didik Sakti (General Manager Hotel 88 Surabaya), Mr Syarifudin (Sous Chef Hotel Java Paragon Surabaya), and Ms. Lina (HRD Alana Hotel Surabaya) ".






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