on June 9, 2016 have deal agreement , has been signed MOU between Polytechnic  NSC Surabaya, Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 85 Surabaya, signed by Mr. Eko Tjiptojuwono, S.E., M.M. As Director of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya with STMIK Kadiri, Jl. Balowerti 2 No. 26-30 Kediri, signed by Mrs. Tri Esti Rahayuningtyas, S.E., M.M. as Chairman STMIK Kadiri

We  really hope  this cooperation can give benefit for development of institutions and the development of  human resources. In the atmosphere of Ramadan  the wisdom of the process of implementation of the MoU and once silaturahem  very memorable. Polytechnic NSC Surabaya and STMIK Kadiri have the same history for in improving or developing institutions that originated from a course institutions that eventually developed into universities.

Besides of signed MOU LKP ENESCE also conducted a comparative study with the LKP TERRA COMPUTER Kediri who attended by Mrs. Riris Yuniarsih, S.ST.Par., M.M. who was accompanied by Mrs. Fredianaika, and in the process it is indeed Comparative Study each has advantages and disadvantages that can be used as a reference for the establishment of cooperation sustainable. Polytechnic NSC Surabaya that the institution has been accredited, while STMIK Kadiri was the process of filing Accreditation for High Schools. While LKP ENESCE Surabaya that have not been accredited yet very remarkable LKP TERRA COMPUTER Kediri has been accredited A, and therefore in view of LKP ENESCE need to do a comparative study.

Great expectations of both parties in this cooperation will be realized  ideal of the College is to realize Tri Darma Higher for support in the development of institutions is also developing its human resources to promote and educate the children of the Nation.

Representatives from Polytechnic NSC Surabaya for Tour to the campus with the chairman STMIK Kadiri  Mrs. Tri Esti Rahayuningtyas, S.E., M.M. and introduce each of the parts department was there, in addition to the NSC also feel free to visit the laboratories, classrooms, space for faculty, and library.









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