Powerful Tips For Students Who Study While Working

Polytechnic NSC Surabaya as a private higher education have Diploma (D3) Program in Computer Engineering, Hospitality, Business Administration, and Accounting, facilitate high school graduates  to be able to continue their education to pursue higher education and facilitate people who want working while in college.

In an effort to help people who need work, Polytechnic NSC Surabaya facilitate high school graduates who have worked to get a job before class. After work, expected to high school graduates can be earned to finance his life, college, and even can help the family.

System of lectures at the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya has been made flexible for students who worked while in college. Lectures can be selected to go to college in the morning or evening class. This flexible lecture time can be used also for company employees who have shift work hour and study which is expected to run smoothly.

Most students of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya are studying while working. Obviously it is not easy to carry out activities of college while working except for students who have the motivation and determination to succeed, both in education and in work. The key to a good working and good study with are:

  1. Able to manage time (time management) with intelligent
  2. Maintain physical and psychological health
  3. Choosing the appropriate lifestyle

Smart time management is a very important thing to be possessed by a student who is working while in college. The essence of smart time management is that we must know and be able to sort out activities based on the following criteria:

  1. Are the activities we do it IMPORTANT and URGENT
  2. Are the activities we do it NOT IMPORTANT but URGENT
  3. Are the activities we do it IMPORTANT but NOT URGENT
  4. Are the activities we do it is NOT IMPORTANT and NOT URGENT

Once we inventorying all our daily activities based on the criteria above, then we can prioritize in advance to do activities based on the level of importance and urgently.

The second thing we must note is the physical and mental health. Physical health is strongly influenced by a nutritious diet and adequate rest pattern. Healthy food diet greatly affect the immune system, especially to anticipate changes in the weather that can affect our health, morale, and others. Similarly, adequate rest will be very useful for the body to perform recovery after a day of work activities and lectures. Mental health must also be maintained so the motivation to excel in the workplace and campus can go hand in hand. Religious observance in running order is essential in generating a healthy psychic.

People's lifestyles that tend consumptive lifestyle that is necessary is eliminated. We recommend that the income we get used to things that are useful for example to support the work, the smooth course, and may also be useful for other things. Consumption of goods should be based on need rather than by a desire for desires no limits. For students who are working and going to school must be good at controlling expenditure, which is where the needs and desires are.

Hopefully by always remember three things above, WE CAN excel in the workplace and campus. YES WE CAN





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