Programming In The Real World


There are several things that must be considered in making a computer program or application in real-world example to the world of work. A small application that can usually be done by one person programmer alone. But for a large and complex applications such as making a management system that connects a cinema ticket between banks as the party that handles payment transfers and management of cinema tickets usually done in teams which might consist of software analysts to analyze and design the ticket management system, documenter who documenting the process of making the application, interface designers, and some programmers. Therefore, in making a program codes is normally set a few standards such as rules to write variables, writing comments in the source code, and a few other rules to facilitate reading program code and documentation.

An application will typically have successfully used the treatment period (maintenance) and development. Why is said to be successfully used, because many applications have been made but not used because it does not conform with the user, it is already a common thing because after the user is a king. Phase of maintenance and development of application , for example adding the capabilities of the applications, usually take a long time, and therefore required documentation of application which is good because a lot of possibilities for team members who create applications that will be alternated people. With good documentation, source code will be easy to learn. At the time of an application to amend the specification capabilities common applications are frequent and probably will often make a programmer annoyed at having to keep changing the program he made, but it is a very reasonable thing.

A complex applications typically can not be separated from what is called the database. The database is a computer application used to store data and data access. Accessing data in database queries commonly use SQL (Structured Query Language).





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