NSC Students Were Participating In Fruit Carving Competition

In commemorating the 7th birthday, Iklan Pos held Fruit Carving Competition on August 9, 2015 at the Ciputra World Mall Surabaya. The hospitality students of the Polytechnic  NSC Surabaya were participated on the fruit carving competition. Hospitality students  of NSC has had a skill in doing fruit carving because it has been taught on campus how to carve fruit or vegetables.


Fruit Carving is an art serve food with beauty, media normally used is the fruit which is round and has a soft texture. In art fruit carving, someone will sculpt and carve a piece using the tools are quite simple, namely, cutter, serrated knives and toothpicks if necessary.


Fruit Carving or carving fruit was first discovered in Thailand. In 1364, a decorator named Nang Nopamas make light decorations boat on a routine royal festival during the full moon every year in December. He carved fruits and vegetables into flowers to a series of engravings look like a series of lily is very beautiful.


This art is one of ten distinctive culture of Thailand, even an attraction for tourists. Several major hotels in Thailand offer tour packages to the centre of fruit carving craft. Not only demonstrate and display the form - the form of the beautiful carvings, they also teach carving techniques to visitors. On development, the art of carving is not only applicable to the fruit, various types of vegetables was transformed into a form - the form is amazing.


Garnish is supporting the view of a dish. Professional chefs always set the time for making ornaments from vegetables, fruit - fruit and other carving, which can eat or who can not eat, to accompany the dishes were made.





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