Accounting Study Program Has Vision, Mission, And Professionals Goals

Assalamualaikum wr wb, I am Prasetyo Widyo Iswara. I am as Chairman of the Accounting Studies Program at the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya, will describe some of the mission and vision of the existing accounting program at the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya. Vision of accounting program that become professional education centers that educate and produce professionals in the field of accounting globally competitive.
While the mission of accounting program are:
1. To produce graduates who are professionals and have insight in the field of accounting
2. Develop and implement a pattern of academic education based on moral ethic values
3. Develop a pattern of cooperation with business and industry

Cooperation with business and industry do to improve the implementation of the existing teaching and learning system at the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya primarily on accounting studies program, so graduates or output that we give to the world of business and industry, produce a student who has an ability to draw up financial reports, both to service companies, manufacturing companies, and trading companies.
In addition to preparing the financial statements, accounting graduate student program should also be able to make the financial statements of fiscal and also make tax calculation and data processing administration, and is also able to carry out the examination of financial statements as if the error occurs can be done rectification. Then also able to analyze the company's financial statements for the survival of the company's business.
That competence of graduate accounting program, but it also competence in its favor is that with the ability to prepare financial statements and financial administration and process data supported by the ability in the field of the use of computers and information systems facilities in the workforce, and also able to speak English and mandarin which long as their communication medium implement professional duties. Competence graduate accounting program are also supported with some training that was held at the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya.
The purpose of accounting program:
1. Produce associate expert-level accounting personnel or diploma, who are professionals in the field of accounting
2. mengasilkan applied research that would be useful for the development of the applied accounting
3. Perform community service activities that have added value for the community, especially business and industry
To achieve the goals of the accounting program, accounting program is equipped with three (3) laboratories, language labs, computer labs, and labs accounting. These three laboratories to support teaching and learning in accounting program. In addition, the existing facilities in the library is equipped with the latest books that can support teaching and learning in the field of accounting.
Please join me in accounting study program of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya. Here you can work while in college. If you have trouble finding a job, you will be assisted channeled into the world of work.

Please join us, where you can, I can too. Polytechnic NSC Yes We Can.
Peace be upon you, and wassalamualaikum wr wb.




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