Technology And Accounting Not Be Separated, Why?

In the era of the all the current technology, the development of accounting continues to grow and do not run into outdated. Accounting is part of economics that always displays an art for an accountant. While the technology is always same interpreted with the use of computers. Accounting and technology can not be separated in the continuity of an organization. One example of software (software) that smells of accounting that keeps popping up in order to support the existence of accounting in making a company's financial statements. Likewise, if we are to make an accounting program an accountant (accounting) can not be separated from by a programmer (technology). Accounting and technologies like as inseparable companions. They mutually support each other. Technology requires accounting in making the procedures to be used by a user to generate a company's financial statements. Instead of accounting requires a technology to produce accurate financial information for users (both internal and external). What could separate accounting of technology for organizational survival ???




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