University Libraries And Its Functions

* Understanding the University Library

The library is a place or a storehouse of knowledge, where the books and all other sources of information is stored in order to provide information for its users. The actual definition of the library itself tantamount though it's just a different kind of functions, places, collections, and the user should different. Basically the library is a source of information for anyone who needs information. Library visits of understanding is an important place for those users who really need the library. Now each agency is required to have a library. Similarly, college libraries, academic libraries (like) as the supporting resources for the academic community (students, faculty, employees) in the university.

University Library Represents a supporting infrastructure established to support the activities of the Academic Civitas, where universities are located. In the guidebook mentioned that the University Library, University Library a support element universities in education, research and community service. In order to support the activities of the Tri Darma, the library was given several functions including; educational functions, resources, supporting research, recreation, publications, deposit and iterpretasi information (2004: 3-4). Based on Government Regulation / PP No. 5 of 1980 on the main points of the organization university or institute, that belongs to the University Library Technical Services Unit (UPT), which means technical support is the completeness of the university or institute in the field of education and teaching, research and community service. (Pawit M. Joseph, 1991: 102-103).


* Functions University Library

College library has a function as a function of education, information, research (research), and Recreation. Judging from the college library that functions in a college library is very important for the course of the academic activities in the university.


- Functions Education,

In this case is clear, that the principal task is to support the University Library Higher Education program, one of which is the nature of education. Students today are different from the students first, they are more active search for information or needs of science itself. By doing so will affect the way they teach teaching faculty that was once only lecturers and students to explain now listen to lecturers only prepare the material that will be taught before the day of the course material and students who will present the material that has been given previously lecturer.


- Function Information,

information function is meant here is expected Libraries can meet the required user information, although not all libraries can meet the information needs of users. Pustakawanlah role whose role is to direct the user to search for information it where.


- Function Research (Research),

One of the functions of the University Library is to support the implementation of the research conducted by the academic community through the provision of information and sources of information for the purposes of user research. The information obtained through the library can prevent duplication of research. Except for the research to be conducted ongoing research. Therefore, through the research function is expected the works to research conducted by the academic community will grow.

The library collections of the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya besides supporting books college faculty research, student scientific work also exist in the library and uploaded in SLIMS library.


- Function Recreation

Recreational function here have a different understanding with recreation in general is like a picnic outside the city. Libraries are not only informative, educational, research, but the library should also have recreational function agara not look stiff. This is actually what makes the user rarely go to the library. Recreational properties here is that which is both entertaining library provides a collection of libraries that make users forget their duties for a moment. As well as novels, textbooks humor, comics, so users feel entertained for a moment.


From the description above it can be concluded that the library is basically a very important presence as a provider of information to users. Of course the presence of University Library is certainly very important role in a university. Where the academic community not only students, but faculty, and also employees of the agency disebuah. Therefore, it is expected other library College library can perform functions as function of college libraries. And so it is with the Polytechnic Library NSC Surabaya.


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