Usefulness Of Accounting Information

Before deciding to learn about something, someone must have hope to benefit from the things he learned. As well as with those of you who want to learn accounting, of course, want to benefit from accounting information.

Unconsciously, the actual accounting practices we have implemented in our daily lives. For example, a shop owner who makes a record of the people who ngebon in his stall. Of note, the shop owner can find out who still has a debt to him, how much, how long, and ultimately, the information can be used in making decisions, whether to give new debt or not to the person.

In a company, the information required is huge and varied. For example, part of the production need information how much it costs to produce one product to establish the cost of production. Sales department need information how much sales, whether it meets the target or not. Parts purchasing, requiring information on how the availability of goods in warehouses to decide whether to make a reservation back. This information will be very useful for determining the action to be taken. Such information can only be known quickly and accurately accounting practices.

From the brief description above, it can be concluded that the accounting will yield useful information, both for those who organize it and outsiders. Usefulness is mainly related to the process of decision making and accountability. Accounting is a medium of communication, therefore, often referred to as "the language BUSINESS".

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