What The Difference Of Working First And Then Take The Study Or Finish The Study And Search The Job?

After we graduated from senior high school, we are faced with the choices:

1. Are we going to continue our education to college?
2. Are we going to work only without continuing education to college
3. If we choose to continue our education to college, whether after graduation will be easier to get a job?
4. If we choose to work and have an income, whether we could continue their education to college while working?
5. Are there any colleges that understands and has a flexible class schedule in accordance with the working hours?
6. What are the benefits if we work while in college?

For those of us who want to continue their education to college but do not have sufficient funds to finance our study, then the choice to be taken is to work first, and after we obtain sufficient income, we can finance our own study without relying on funds from the parents.

For those of us who have sufficient funds (mainly from our parents), then the option is that we will take continuing education to higher education, whether public or private colleges, the current quality of education between the state and private universities had virtually the same as the whole college has accreditation granted by the same institution, namely the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT). If this option we take, the question arises whether, after we finish school and get our diplomas will easily get a job?

There are several benefits if we are working and going to study, especially if we go to college that his practice activities more than a theory, for example in the form of Polytechnic colleges, including:

1. We can finance our own study without burdening parents may even help our brothers/sisters
2. Lectures were many practical (skill oriented) will benefit us in carrying out the work that plot
3. We can provide inputs for the company where we work on standard practices used in general industry
4. Because our skills continue to grow over time, the company will give more attention to us
5. If we are able to perform their jobs well and were able to solve the lecture well too, then at that time we already have enough work experience and also have a diploma and a certificate of competence, so that we have more value than other employees

If we compare if we hinish the college first for a job, then we will be left behind the time and opportunity to demonstrate the value we have because we are only armed with a diploma without having enough work experience.

Therefore, decide intelligently whether we will work first and then take the study or finish the study first and then looking for a job.

NSC Surabaya polytechnic in addition to having a flexible schedule adapted to working hours, also has a system of lectures were more practical than theoretical. In addition Polytechnic NSC Surabaya also give attention to graduates senior high school who want to work first with providing facilities for new students to find a job through business division units called HUDERS NSC (Human Development and Reqruitment Services) that have several partner companies in Surabaya who entrust reqruitment employees at HUDERS NSC.


Eko Tjiptojuwono, S.E., M.M.





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