Type Of Company Employees Favorites

In industrial relations between employees and the company, the position of the employee and the company should look indistinguishable by the customer or relatives or even people. Can happen so, would be if the employee and the company has been fused. Employee behavior can reflect how the company is managed, and the progress of the company is its employees progress.

In some industries, especially the service industry, many companies are expecting their employees may represent the company's products and may even represent the image of the company. If it can be realized, the company will have a good reputation in the eyes of the community and eventually society will entrust the fulfillment of their needs to the company through the company's employees.

Of course not all employees can meet the expectations of the company, it is always necessary for education, training and development of employees to knowledge, skills, and attitude employees become better from day to day. The quality of employees is not only determined when the employee has worked at the company, but also influenced by base of knowledge, skill base, and the base of attitude coupled with the experience possessed at the time of receipt of the employee following the selection of employees (reqruitment) in the company. Some companies even pay attention to the track record of potential employees in the company prior to doing crosscheck to some stakeholders about past candidates. It is not easy to obtain employees really good quality especially with offering a competitive salary that is not offered by the company.

Basically, keep in mind some basic principles that are favored by the company employees. Here are some basic things that must be learned and performed by a person if it is to be easily accepted to work as well as for employees who are already working as an evaluation and introspection for self-development. Companies like employees who:

1. Honest and kind
2. Understand, comprehend, and deliver what the company expected
3. Understand that the progress of the company can increase welfare for employees
4. Has a high learning attitude so beneficial for companies
5. Have good interpersonal skills so easily communicate with superiors, peers, subordinates, and also customer
6. Have a concern for maintaining the health and appearance
7. Total in work, do not have a side business, or create a company within the company
8. Always think long term
9. There is no intention of corruption, collusion, and nepotism
10.Have brilliant ideas and innovative and able to implement it for the betterment of the company
11.Do not like to acknowledge the success of the work of others as a result of his/her work
12.Work to support his family and not to dissipate
13.Not consumptive
14.Well run religious orders
15.Disciplined and have good time management capabilities
16.Always responsive and quick and smart in dealing with complaints or other problems
17.Do not bring personal problems to companies
18.Do not like envy, jealousy, and arrogant
19.Besides result oriented also consider the quality of the process in achieving corporate goals

Many things like firms of its employees. But if it can be demonstrated to the company employees, the company will give confidence and greater responsibility from day to day, and employees may be believed to be a leader in the company in due course. Those are some things that favored the company of its employees, not all of them, and of course will vary in intensity between each company depends on the professionalism of the company, the size of the company, owner of the company, leader in the company, and the company's vision. Hope it is useful.





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