Greeting Of The Chairman Of Fajar Enesce Education Foundation At The Ceremony Of Graduation XIII


Alhamdulillah, Praise to Allah, we were back at the student graduation of NSC Surabaya Polytechnic. We have waited for this moment, because it is a confirmation stage of student graduation from the NSC Surabaya Polytechnic after the students have studied for several years.

This Graduation is not the end of a stage of education, but it is the first step to pursue higher education. It is as new responsibilities for the students in the community to apply the knowledge gained in education. 

After the graduation, the graduates become  mirrors of our beloved alma mater. Therefore, keep alma mater by performing and showing a positive attitude when you are in the community.

We as foundation management would like to thank the managers of the institution, lecturers, and staff who are working wholeheartedly, teaching and guiding students to achieve this graduation stage. We also thank to the parents who have entrusted us to educate and guide their children.




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