Director Speech At The Ceremony Of Graduation XIII

Speech of Director of NSC Surabaya Polytechnic was delivered at the ceremony of Graduation XIII held on October 26, 2014 in Dyandra Convention Centre Surabaya.

Since 1997 until now NSC Surabaya Polytechnic has produced 715 graduates of the Diploma program. On that day NSC Surabaya Polytechnic held a Graduation XIII of Diploma Program of the 2013/2014 academic year at Dyandra Convention Centre Surabaya with as many as 35 graduates of Diploma program. Their highest grade point average (GPA) is 3.90, there is an increase in GPA when it is compared to the highest GPA the last year - 3.70. This shows that the absorption quality of students to course material is better. This achievement is the role of lecturers, staff, curriculum, and academic environment built in the NSC Surabaya Polytechnic. A thing to be proud is that mostly graduates have already worked. The success of NSC Surabaya Polytechnic graduates to obtain employment is the role of corporations or institutions which are our partners. To the company / institution management, I thank you for your participation and good cooperation so far, hopefully good cooperation can be increased further in the future.




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