D3 Accounting Polytechnic NSC Surabaya Did Zahir Accounting Competency Test (02/13/2015)

What is Zahir Accounting?

Zahir Accounting is an accounting program in Indonesian language, which is easy to use, efficient and high quality, designed precisely to the needs of small and medium enterprises in Indonesia. Zahir Accounting is the best software which is full of innovation. Designed for inputting process is very easy to use, and the design of the display (interface) program is interesting, it is only once to enter transaction as easy as we enter a receipt or a bill of sale, the financial reports and the chart will be created automatically.

What is the function of  Zahir Accounting Competency Test?

According to the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 81 of 2014,
Chapter 1, item 2 states that the Certificate of Competence is competency recognition document of the achievements of graduates in accordance with expertise in the branches of science and / or have achievements outside the program of study.
Chapter 2, item 2 states that the publishing of the Certificate of Competence aims to provide written evidence of job competence.


Zahir Accounting Polytechnic NSC Surabaya Competency Test refers to the rules above to provide written evidence to the students in the form of certificates of competency test in zahir accounting software applications, so that when the students working in trading companies, service companies and manufacturers using the Zahir software can  already be competent in accounting. It also can apply the knowledge of accounting gained in polytechnic to be applied in the zahir accounting program.
Uji Kompetensi Zahir Accounting


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