Along with the process or the way that I have applied so far, I am very proud and grateful to be able to give appreciation to the entire community, especially the industry where I have to be able to apply all the skills that I have. For two years I've been giving quality service wholeheartedly and in accordance with my profession in a professional hotelier in an independent company that is Bumi Surabaya Hotel.

I am currently back to increase my knowledge and expertise in D3 program of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya that I want to take for the next 3 years with the teaching team who are highly professional and practitioners in the hospitality. A tourism assessors also accompany and assist me in the process I do at the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya. Therefore, my activities today are studying while working that makes my life spirit higher.

Now I will summarize a little story of my life. This time I am running two important goals, namely studying while working, so I am demanded to adjust the time between studying at Polytechnic NSC Surabaya and working at Bumi Surabaya Hotel. This year I start coloring my life with the new sensation for the sake of a better future. Hopefully the input that I already have and the process that I run or apply today produces an excellent output in line with expectations.

Finally, on behalf of Hospitality Department students of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya, I thank for the opportunity to give a note in the process of my life.

Hopefully success with all of us. Amen.
NSC Yes We Can !!!






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