The Logo Of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya


Logo dari Politeknik NSC Surabaya memiliki unsur bentuk, unsur warna dan arti logo

I. Elements of Shape

  1. As a protective shield
  2. People with the number (12) twelve as representatives of the nation element consisting of:
    1. The Board of Trustees of the NSC
    2. Fajar Enesce Education Foundation
    3. Polytechnic NSC Surabaya  Management
    4. Polytechnic NSC Surabaya  Student
    5. Polytechnic NSC Surabaya  Alumni
    6. Government (Executive)
    7. Parliament (Legislative)
    8. Attorney and Justice (Judicial)
    9. Army of the Indonesian Republic
    10. Police of the Indonesian Republic
    11. Company / Organization
    12. Community
  3. The Earth as a world era of globalization where we (NSC) live (Activity)
  4. NSC Writing stands for New Surabaya College as an institution where we serve
  5. Rice yellow as a symbol of prosperity  


II. Elements of Color  

  1. Dark Blue as a symbol of the depth of knowledge
  2. Light Blue as a symbol farsighted
  3. Yellow Gold shows the glory and wisdom
  4. White shows purity and sincerity
  5. Red means the firm and high discipline

III. Meaning of Logo

  1. The depth of knowledge and farsighted become a shield to protect and maintain the NSC in serving the Religion, Nation, and State
  2. Each element of the NSC (people encircling the earth with a white color basic ) is an integral part of the nation element and hand in hand to develop, produce and utilize  science, culture and technology that are relevant to support national development goals based on sincerity and purity heart.
  3. NSC (text in red) is to be assertive, disciplined and prudent in running Tri Dharma College towards a prosperous world community.
  4. Prosperous nation (yellow rice) is the goal of the NSC in its role as an element of the Indonesian nation.




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