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Attitude is a gesture that indicates a person in carrying out daily activities related to the purpose of life itself, in relating with others, relating to the Lord, and relating to the environment. Results of a good attitude will be obtained in the form of self-satisfaction and appreciation of each other, an award from the Lord, and appreciation of the environment.

Good attitude is not only an obligation for government employees, professionals, practitioners, and employers only, but it is also important that lecturers and students of a college, especially lecturers, staff, and students of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya. There are basic characters that can be built to allow the formation of a good attitude that can be achieved by academicians of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya include:

  1. Building optimism to always think positively (positive mindset). Positive thinking will increase optimism, and optimism will lead to the belief that we are capable of carrying out or completing tasks well and better than ever.
  2. Increasing the endurance, tenacity, and courage. Endurance is very important because in life and in achieving the goals is always a challenge to face, it is necessary to overcome challenges. Tenacity is needed in order to complete a task or purpose according to plan. Courage to do something also plays a very important because without doing anything we can not achieve what we want.
  3. Has a learning spirit (high learning spirit). There is a term “everyone is a teacher, every place is a school, and every time is to learn.” Higher learning spirit will make someone have a great curiosity, and someone will try to find out by learning from various sources, anywhere, and anytime. Thus, we will be able to compare the knowledge we have in the past and today. Of course we must also be able to sort out the useful knowledge for our purpose.
  4. Always learn to manage your time (good time management). Good time management will help us accomplish tasks well by the  way of sorting activities based on their importance and urgency level. In this way, we can determine the priority activities we do everyday, and dispose of activities that are not important and not urgent.
  5. Always try to do good things and to sow the seeds of goodness. There is a term “the more you give, the more you get.” If we always help others, we will provide our charity, and be able to spread the goodness to our environment. If everyone in our environment feels the goodness, then everyone will be happy to be in the neighborhood.
  6. Always be grateful. Thankful implies that we are grateful for the blessings we've gained for our current achievement. Thanking to the Lord is the duty of every religious person, we are grateful because we have been given safety, health, sustenance, and even mate. Surely this must be indicated by always keeping the favors that have been given to us by the way of maintaining the health, safety, seek lawful sustenance, and even choose a good mate. Thanking to the parents is essential because through their effort and prayer  we can feel a favor that we get today.

There are still many fundamental characters that we need to build a good attitude, and we can learn through the process of learning in campus and in which we work such as empathy, awareness, honesty, discipline, and others. If we see an example of not good attitude, it can be a lesson for us not to imitate. It will be a  happiness if one day corporations, governments, and business partners of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya recognize that students and graduates of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya is the human resources having a good attitude and having a high competence. When that time comes,  they will make the Polytechnic NSC Surabaya as a main partner in developing the institution.









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