Student and Academic Department


Becoming the center of academic and student administrative services which are prime to all academic faculties.


  1. Holding relevant academic services and being able to facilitate the interests and talents of students in the learning process.
  2. Realizing management which is professional, fair, open and accountable.
  3. Holding development programs of student organizations to facilitate the interests and talents of students in various fields.


Nyoman Maharani



Teguh Sanyoto



Dedy Eka Prasetya



Course Schedule

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Student and Academic Department Information

No Information Files
1 UTS Semester Gasal 2013/2014
2 Kalender Akademik 2013/2014
3 Jadwal UTS 2012/2013
4 Jadwal AN 4
5 Jadwal TK 4
6 Jadwal TK 2C
7 Jadwal TK 2B
8 Jadwal TK 2A
9 Jadwal HT 2B
10 Jadwal HT 2A
11 Jadwal AK4
12 Jadwal AN 2A
13 Jadwal AN 2B
14 Jadwal Ak 2B
15 Jadwal Ak 2 A
16 Jadwal Herregistrasi Semester Genap 2013
17 Pengumuman Ujian Susulan UAS 2013
18 Jadual UAS Ganjil 2013
19 Tata Tertib Ujian
20 Libur Natal

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