D3 program of Accounting Department of Polytechnic NSC Surabaya educates human resources to be able to apply the accounting practices well. The intended target of  Accounting graduates is accounting technicians and accounting supervisor which are needed in business and industry. This study program is also provided in-depth knowledge of tax laws, so that graduates will be able to carry out the record job, calculate and report both personal and corporate taxation. The curriculum refers to the accounting standards and taxation that are applicable in Indonesia.


Become a Professional Education Center that educates and produces professionals that have global competitiveness in accounting


  1. Producing graduates who are professional and knowledgeable in accounting.
  2. Developing and implementing a pattern based on academic education with moral ethic values
  3. Developing a pattern of cooperation with business and industry to make improvements of teaching and learning system implementation.


Main Competencies of Graduates:

  1. Able to prepare financial reports of services, trade and manufacturing.
  2. Able to carry out the examination of financial reports.
  3. Able to analyze company financial reports.
  4. Able to perform administrative, tax calculations and preparing the Financial Fiscal Reports.


Supporting Competencies of Graduates:

  1. Able to prepare financial reports and administration of financial data processing by using computer technology and information systems facility in carrying out professional duties.
  2. Able to speak English as a medium of communication in carrying out their profession.

Academic Goals

Objectives of Accounting Program are:

  1. Producing professional accountant in accounting.
  2. Producing applied research in accounting that is able to provide scientific contributions to the development of applied accounting science.
  3. Performing community service activities that have added value to society and the world of business and industry.

Subjects to be Taught


1. Introduction to Business and Management
2. Computer Applications
3. Introduction to Accounting 1
4. English 1
5. Professional Ethics & Job Preparation
6. Business mathematics
7. Introduction to Taxation
1. Cost Accounting Laboratory
2. Intermediate Financial Accounting I
3. Public Sector Accounting
4. Taxation Laboratory
5. Religious Education
6. Managerial Accounting
7. Accounting Examination I
8. Financial Management
1. Mandarin
2. Indonesian
3. Advanced Financial Accounting
4. Tax Accounting Laboratory
5. Laboratory of Advanced Financial Accounting
6. Laboratory of Accounting Examonation
7. Interpersonal Skill
8. Working Practice 1
1. Introduction to Accounting II
2. Cost Accounting
3. English II
4. Laboratory of Introduction to Accounting
5. Taxation
6. Business Statistics
7. Corporate Budget
1. Taxation Accounting
2. Intermediate Financial Accounting II
3. Civics
4. Analysis of Financial Reports
5. Accounting Computer
6. Financial Accounting Laboratory
7. Accounting Examination II
8. Accounting Information Systems
1. Working Practice 2
2. Final Projects


1. Krido Eko Cahyono, S.E., M.M.

2. Fri Medistya Anke Priyono, S.E.,M.A

3. M.Zaenal Abidien, S.E.,M.A

4. Ari Wibowo,S.E.A.k.,M.A

5. Ita Megasari, S.E.,M.SA

6. Thomas Khrisna Sidharta.,S.E.,M.Si




  1. Accounting Laboratory
  2. Computer Laboratory
  3. Language Laboratory

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